Truck Camper Lift replaces camper jacks on Lance Fleetwood S&S Host Okanagan Northern Lite Utility Bodies and many more~also replaces HappiJac & Atwood Truck Camper Jacks and Tie downs

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-- Stable-Lift Electronic Truck Camper Jack- Two Jack System --


The Two Jack system is the first Truck Camper Jack system that Stable Lift offered. This system is available for the smaller truck campers, 9 1/2 feet and under without the extended overhang over the cab of your truck. This truck camper lift system works great for pop up truck campers such as Palimino and Shadow Crusier. Our Truck Camper Lift system will load, unload, tie down, and level with the push of a button. The Stable Lift system will replace the Atwood and Happy Jack electric corner jacks, and give you all of the other benefits associated with the Stable Lift, the ultimate in truck camping convenience! Our electronic Truck Camper Jack systems can be installed on virtually any pickup or truck camper. We have successful installations on Lance Truck Campers, Northland Truck campers, Fleetwood, Artic Fox and many more.





  • The original Stable-Lift
  • Suited for truck campers under 9.5 feet or 8-foot truck campers without extended overhangs.
  • Two-way leveling.
  • Two minute load or unload time.
  • Allows for truck camper occupancy either on or off the bed of your truck.
  • Secures your truck camper to your vehicle.


*Let us know if your truck camper has a glide (slide-out).

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